5K, The Summit Way

On Wednesday, May 25, the Summit community participated in “5K, The Summit Way” – a 5K walk/run to benefit the JCK Foundation. The JCK Foundation works to raise awareness and support those with OCD and other mental disorders, a cause close to Summit staff and students. This event was the brainchild of several enthusiastic staff members who are eager to help Summit students and staff live a life of wellness by introducing fitness into their daily routine.

The day kicked off with remarks from John Tessitore and Dr. Stephen Kelly, founders of the JCK Foundation. Dr. Kelly established the foundation in honor of his son, John Cleaver Kelly. Mr. Tessitore implored students to never judge another person, but rather to embrace them. He encouraged everyone to put themselves in someone else’s shoes to have a better understanding of where they are coming from.

Over 150 students and staff participated in the 5K, and raised $700 for the JCK Foundation. Due to the overwhelming success of the event, students and staff are in agreement that it will become an annual event for the school.

To learn more about the JCK Foundation, click here.