Transition Planning for life after Summit School

The Summit School at Nyack maintains an ongoing commitment to cultivating job readiness skills, providing effective transition planning, and supplying preparation for post-school employment for all of our students. Through the years, we have found that many students enter Summit lacking many of the essential tools necessary in today’s modern work world.

We have developed both a hands on-job training program and classroom based coursework to teach necessary life skills. These practical experiences expose students to the skills required to search for, apply for, and maintain employment.

Individualized Support

Led by a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor/New York Licensed Mental Health Counselor with Master’s degree in Counseling and Special Services, the Vocational Office at Summit is responsible for:

  • Assessing and evaluating student’s needs, preferences, strengths, and skills
  • Identifying each student’s realistic post-secondary goals
  • Participating in IEP development
  • Developing community relationships
  • Offering community based work experiences
  • Developing relationships with local businesses to open up competitive job opportunities
  • Creating internship experiences
  • Aiding in the creation of resumes