Miramare Creative Arts Center


The Miramare Creative Arts Center at the Summit School at Nyack focuses on the arts as a means of growth and self-expression. The Creative Arts program, led by a Board Certified Art Therapist and Licensed teacher, seeks to enrich the development of our students by making connections to the arts an integral part of each student’s education and experience at Summit. The Miramare Creative Arts Center provides a space that is both open and intimate, where students can come together to collaborate, or work alone at a drawing table overlooking the Hudson River. It is a space that is flexible in its purposes, but is always focused on the therapeutic goal of fostering inclusion, communication, and understanding.

Courses offered through the Creative Arts Center include Studio Art, Music, Computers, Ceramics, and Digital Photography. They are credit-bearing courses that provide an outlet for self-expression during the academic school day.

Student exhibits and performances happen at several points during the year. While student’s abilities and interests in the arts vary, they report a sense of pride in seeing their work on display in this important setting on campus.