Fostering Community

The Summit School at Nyack’s residential program is designed to allow students to develop the tools and skills necessary to be independent, successful, and fulfilled individuals. We focus on creating authentic experiences that mimic the circumstances students will find themselves in after they leave Summit.

We are committed to providing an enriching, supportive, therapeutic, comfortable, and fun program which allows each student to become an integral member of a thriving community. Through group living, students learn to take personal care of themselves and their possessions, compromise and negotiate with others, as well as develop leadership skills.

Adjusting to a New Environment

Summit’s residential program is most effective when students are active participants in their own social and emotional development. We recognize that although all residential students are voluntarily placed at Summit, the transition to living away from home can be a trying experience for some. We make every effort to provide a feeling of comfort and warmth for residential services.

Keeping with our goal of providing a real world experience, Summit students are allowed personal electronics and other comforts of home, when appropriate.

Consistent Adult Interactions

The residence program is staffed by a group of dedicated, patient, and experienced counselors, most of whom who have made career long commitments to the Summit community. Focusing on teaching skills, reinforcing expectations, and actively acknowledging positive behaviors, the staff helps guide students towards good decisions in the present, and the creation of a healthy and adaptable approach to life.

The bonds developed during residential living often extend far beyond the student’s time at Summit into lasting friendships.