The Summit School at Nyack is a coeducational program working with young adults whose social-emotional difficulties are affecting their day-to-day functioning. Our students have struggled to succeed in more traditional school settings and need an individualized approach to help them feel confident and comfortable as they embark on this next chapter in their lives. While some of our students’ needs can be met within the day program, others require a more wrap-around approach.  Our residential students continue to need a therapeutic milieu during non-school hours and benefit from structured activities, a built-in structure to non-school hours, and support to navigate their social worlds.

Our students typically present as emotionally fragile and can be socially withdrawn.  They often have a history of depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and other psychiatric conditions that hinder their ability to navigate adolescence more independently.

These circumstances have led some of our students to avoid regular school attendance and interacting with peers. This could lead to a decompensation in sleep, hygiene, and activities of daily living, requiring support and guidance to establish a healthier daily routine.  Some of our students are on the high-functioning end of the Autism Spectrum Disorder and require interventions to learn how to better read social cues, connect appropriately with peers, and maintain friendships.

Due to their various social-emotional difficulties our students often have histories of psychiatric hospitalizations and school avoidance. We work to strike a balance between providing a supervised therapeutic milieu while offering a more open and typical adolescent experience than a hospital setting.

In order to be successful at Summit, our students must be able to participate meaningfully and safely within the academic, recreational, residential and clinical aspects of our program.